eBook Rescue

Need a fast fix to your e-book in under 24 hours? Contact the e-book 911.

Today is launch day. My file is not working.
What do you do now? You've worked so hard to write the book, prepared or had someone prepare your e-book files, and the day of your release, you discover that your format is riddled with errors to the point of embarrassment, or worse, poor reviews from early readers based on the format and presentation. This isn't the way the big launch day is supposed to go. Readers are not supposed to give up half way through your book due to formatting issues or a lack of accessibility and functionality. You can't afford to lose out on your entire first day of initial word of mouth and interest. But you also cannot allow a poorly polished e-book format to tarnish your readers' opinions before they really get to your book.

E-Book Rescue is here to help. Contact me today, and tell me it is an emergency. I will take your broken e-book format and return a beautifully formatted file in under 24 hours.

Contact Me Immediately If You Have An eBook Emergency!

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