Book Cover Design

Professional Design Services For Small Presses and Self-Publishers

A professionally designed book cover can make all the difference in marketing your book, and once your book is released, that same cover helps your book stand out against all the others. And let’s face it, your book needs to make a good impression. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but we all do it. That’s where a professional book cover design comes in. A book cover designed by a professional graphic designer can make the crucial bit of difference between a book no one gives a second look and a piqued curiosity. Every author needs a book with a cover that makes a potential reader, the audience, want to (and sometimes even need to) read his or her book. I can give any book, print or e-book, that professional quality cover design that makes sure your book stands out in the crowd, but only if you contact me. I work with you until you’re happy with what you get.
To see more of my cover design work, see my portfolio.
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